cult of self magazine issue #7 - Page 14

When talking about the various sub cultures of Tokyo, what would you say is one of the biggest misconception(s)/ assumption(s) that you feel still prevail? The distance between our cultures is just an illusion. I feel like we are not so different, less than I thought before the trip. David Borras ‘El Solitario’ writes on your blog: ‘Thousands of small shops offer their handmade productions to the public,obviously at higher prices than their industrial competitors, but we were happyto see that people were happy to pay this premium for this sustainability and higher quality. Maybe it is in the mix between the old traditional and the new and avant-garde plus the turbulence of Japan’s recent history what has madethis possible. I don't really know why this happens, but I like it.’ What do you think the reason the Japan’s people are willing to pay higher prices? We - and the Japanese people first - went so far in industrialisation and computerisation system, that now the real deal is to come back to natural life. Smartphones and computers will now have to cohabite with the handmade. Thanks god!