cult of self magazine issue #7 - Page 13

The best workshops, events and garment ateliers that bikers who haven’t travelled to Tokyo should definitely check out? If you plan to go to Tokyo, first read “Clutch” and “Lightning” magazines, you will find the top of the pop stores and workshops in Japan.Thereare so many great stores in Tokyo for example, Fake'O, Doobies, Neighbourhood, Attractions, Desolation Row, Black Sign or Old Joe. These are not special bikers stores, but they are all Bikers. Four words that come to mind when you think of your experience. Did you get lost in the arcades and karaoke bars? Unfortunately, we didn't have time for the karaoke thing. I'm sure it’s a funny experience, I would have sang ‘Walk on the Wild Side’! When I came back to Europe, I wanted to see “Lost in Translation” again. I love the feeling in that movie – one particular to Sofia Coppola's movies – and described as a perfect combination between music and pictures