cult of self magazine issue #7 - Page 11

Who did you join up with during the trip to Tokyo? For this Flash trip, my buddy Jérôme and I joined allied forces from Spanish El Solitario crew. For several years now, we have been partners in crime and try to travel as often as possible together like a gipsy caravan... How did Tokyo become a reality? You know some trips are in your mind for many years before becoming reality. I've been dreaming about going to Japan for twenty years. The Mooneyes Hot Rod Custom Show (HRCS) was just the pretext that sparked our trip.  What was the most bizarre experience or unexpected during the trip? Our friend David, who already went to Tokyo last year, brought us in these really old microbars in the heart of the Town. I couldn't tell you where exactly they are located, but not far from Shinjuku. We went to a piano bar of around 8 sq meters. The light was dark red, on the ground was the piano and hostess, alcohol bottles were on the wall. We had to go to the first floor by a ridiculously tiny staircase, not even enough wide for your shoulders to the point where you’d have to turn on your side to climb.  When we reached the first floor there was only one table where three friends were waiting for us... with the four of us the bar was full.  We drank and smoked for a long time. It was a very funny and weird place, find out more information here http://en.wikipedia. org/wiki/Shinjuku_Golden_Gai