Cullman Senior Magazine Summer 2019 - Page 4

From Your Sheriff Cullman County Sheriff att Gentry As I tell everyone every- where I go, it is an honor and privilege to be the Sheriff of Cullman County. I am also honored to write to you, the seniors of Cull- man County, with an update about what all we have going on at the Cullman County Sheriff’s Office (CCSO). Once I took office as Sheriff of Cullman County in January 2015, I had many citizens come to me and say they wanted to learn more about law enforcement and the CCSO. I, along with the deputies of the Sheriff’s Office, instituted the Cull- man County Sheriff’s Office Citizens’ Academy as a way for our citizens to come and learn about all aspects of law enforcement in Cullman County. The Academy goes on a tour of the Sheriff’s administration office, includ- 4 | SUMMER 2019 ing a tour of the detention center, views a SWAT team demonstration, goes to the shooting range, hears speak- ers from all divisions of the CCSO and much more. If any senior would like to participate in our next class scheduled to start in the fall of 2019, you can come by the Sheriff’s office and complete an application. Another popular class we offer is our Women’s Self Defense Class. It is taught by some very well-trained depu- ties and with session classes throughout the year. I’ve stated many times how we at the Cullman County Sher- iff’s Office are advocates of and for our citizens having the knowledge and training needed to protect them- selves if ever in a situation with someone attempting to harm them. Therefore, I highly recommend this class to all women who wish to advance their knowledge of self-defense. I would like to close by saying that I appreciate all of you seniors. When visiting you at the Cullman County Senior Centers, all of you are always so friendly to me and the deputies of the Cull- man County Sheriff’s Office. So often in national and social media, law enforce- ment is under attack and it’s so refreshing to visit with people like you who love their community and their law enforcement officers. If any of you should ever need assistance, please do not hesitate to contact me. CULLMAN COUNTY SENIOR MAGAZINE Matt Gentry Sheriff Cullman County