Cullman Senior Magazine Summer 2019 - Page 36

Barbara Whitehead performs during the Hee Haw show. Tommy Kohlenberg and Roy Moon enjoy the pickin’ and grinning sessions led by Whitehead. 36 | SUMMER 2019 “A lot of them have never done any- thing like this at all. They haven’t had the opportunity to be on the stage in Nashville, with the some of the greats like I have, but I think by just being involved in some of the practices as much as they have, everyone will enjoy the show.” The slapstick spirit of the once-pop- ular TV show made an ideal fit for the upstart production and helped Whitehead and the rest of the Se- nior Outreach transform the Donald Green Senior Center into “Kornfi ld Kounty.” Directed by Whitehead’s daugh- ter Jamie Brown, the cast and band practiced three times a week for three months for the show. Roy Clark and Grandpa Jones (Tommy Kohlenberg and Terrell Dobbins) opened the show and cracked jokes with Minnie Pearl (Jolene Hammick). Also several all-star guest per- formed on the Hee Haw stage in- cluding Loretta Lynn, played by Whitehead, Eddie Arnold (Buddy Bailey), Johnny Cash (Roy Moon), Marty Robbins (Cletus Hopkins) and Bonnie Cleghorn (Ramona Jones). The Hee Haw Gospel Quartet had hands clapping, feet stomping and folks singing along to “I’ll Fly Away” and “She’ll Be Coming Round the Mountain”. The greatest reaction during the performance was when Grand- pa Jones and the Hee Haw Gang performed a spirited rendition of “Mountain Dew.” Grandpa Jones also sang an old Favorite “Old Rattler.” Roy Clark took the stage delivering “Five Pounds of Possum in My Headlights” and “Rab- bits in a Log” which moved many to dance and clog. CULLMAN COUNTY SENIOR MAGAZINE