Cullman Senior Magazine Summer 2019 - Page 25

Members of the Cullman County Pilot Club posed for a picture after one of their fashion shows. Marsha Folsom, along with fam- ily photos of Governors and First Ladies. The committee thought about a unique way to honor Alabama while giving people in Cullman County the opportunity to walk away with some inspirations for their spring and summer wardrobes. So, if your closet looks like it needs a make-over with fresh new colors, textures and accessories you’ll want to mark your calendar a year ahead and try to always plan to attend the Pilot Club Fashion Show and Luncheon designed annually with a new theme. Last year it was “Material Girl.” Proceeds from the event helps the organization support the local Pilot Light House, an emergency harbor for abused children, as well the Field of Miracles and Project Lifesaver. “We work really hard with these fundraisers, such as the fashion show, so we can raise the funds and turn around and give it back to the community,” Harris said. “Our fi st and foremost project is supporting the Pilot Light House and then we brought in Project Lifesaver about 10 years ago, and we support that program pretty well, too. “We also support our agencies and charities that assist individuals with developmental disabilities – both physical and mental. I guess it’s best to say that this is the lon- gest-running fundraiser that we have had, and everybody just always looks forward to it. Every year is different and full of surprises.” One great thing about the Pilot Club, according to Harris, is that it always focuses its energy toward community awareness and preven- tion of brain-related disorders and supporting those living with those disorders, as well as their caregiv- ers. The members work together as a team to make the world around them a much better place. “The bond we share in helping the community also works to create long lasting friendships and happy days,” Harris said. The Pilot Club of Cullman has a history of providing a sense of sisterhood and friendship while also allowing members to serve their community. For more infor- mation please visit their website at One of many ladies who was excited to be a part of the Pilot Club’s Annual Fashion Show. Learn more about the Pilot Club of Cullman at or To become a member, email This event is a great opportunity to raise funds for the Pilot Club’s charities while having fun with friends. CULLMAN COUNTY SENIOR MAGAZINE SUMMER 2019 | 25