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from the Publisher WINTER 2018 PUBLISHER Terry Connor EDITOR David Palmer ADVERTISING TEAM Chasity Barnett Christy Kimbril Debbie Miller Yvonne Moore Amanda Tolbert Elizabeth Williams CONTRIBUTING WRITERS Benjamin Bulllard Lisa Jones David Palmer CONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Benjamin Bullard Brooke Bennett Tyler Hanes Lisa Jones David Palmer Amanda Shavers-Davis DESIGNER Daren Courtney Cullman Magazine is a quarterly publication of The Cullman Times 300 Fourth Avenue, S.E. Cullman, AL 35055. Phone: 256.734.2131 Comments, letters or editorial content, including photos, should be sent to the address above or emailed to Cullman Magazine is not responsible for unsolicited submissions. Reproduction or use of editorial content in any manner without permission is prohibited. Cullman Magazine can be found online at Always reason to be thankful T hankful. Just mention the word and immediate thoughts and im- ages race through our minds. As Thanksgiving approaches, I often recall a life lesson learned as a youngster that there is always, even when you might be at a low point in life, a reason to give thanks. Sometimes it’s a simple act of kind- ness that conjures thanks, other times it might be a life-altering event. Today, those thoughts bring smiles and remind me to count my blessings, including these thankful thoughts: Writing this column. The fact I can express my feelings through these words in part because of our nation’s freedoms makes me thankful. My family. Raised as the youngest of seven – six boys and one girl – my par- ents, who are no longer with us, always instilled it was our faith and family that were most important in life’s priorities. This year, maybe more than ever, that les- son was recently tested as Hurricane Mi- chael targeted Panama City Beach, where my son, Chris, daughter-in-law, Joslyn, and only grandchild, Rebel Rae, call home. Although the storm brought and continues to bring challenges, they were among the lucky who were spared injuries or property damage. Being thankful is an understatement. My granddaughter. The laughter, inno- cence, beauty, inquisitive and intelligence of a 5-year-old brings everything into perspective for her PePaw – an aspect of life often overlooked while I was climbing the professional ladder. Thankful for ev- ery minute I share with her. My best friend, Debra. How lucky was I, 10 years ago this month when our paths crossed as I struggled to move forward after my wife lost her battle with cancer? Sometimes you don’t ask why things hap- by TERRY CONNOR pen, you just know God’s plan is a jour- ney of ups and downs we need to give thanks for daily. My friends. Especially those old friends who you can call or text, even if it’s been months or years and start talking like it was yesterday, never missing a beat. Those are special relationships. Already looking forward to our now annual get- together in July where we will laugh a lot, maybe cry as we share stories, but will definitely find time to give thanks for our yesterdays and tomorrows. My co-workers. The individuals who I share The Cullman Times offices with are some of the finest people I’ve ever had the privilege to be associated with profes- sionally. Their dedication in serving you and our community, a place most of them have always called home, can only be de- scribed as outstanding. Please know that publishing Cullman’s community news- paper and its associated publications like this magazine is a responsibility this staff never takes for granted. Readers. Those of you taking time to read these words – thank you. For almost 40 years, it’s been an honor to serve those who value and understand the impor- tance of community journalism. First exclusively in print and now today in both print and online, keeping readers informed is why journalism is my chosen profession. The list of thankfulness is endless, but this space is limited, so here’s one more. The holiday season, Thanksgiving and Christmas. Simply stated – Happy Thanksgiving and a Merry Christmas from our family to yours. Cullman magazine | WINTER 2018 5