Cullman Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 35

“You think upon the tree in the Garden of Eden, where life was first noted,” Martin said. “While Adam and Eve took from the tree and disobeyed, the salvation comes again with some symbolism from the tree because Christ was crucified and gave the way to new life.” Father Joel Martin, St. Bernard Abbey For those who attend the many church services associated with Christmas, the color of purple or violet will appear during the Advent season. “During Advent you will see purple on the robes or decorations in the church, which is a color of some seriousness, to prepare for the coming of the Lord,” he said. The arrival of Christmas will find the minister changing to white, the sign of joy and purity for the arrival of Christ. “And, of course, you see red and green through- out Christmas, and the use of holly to decorate,” Martin said. “The holly is green even in winter, a sign of life, and spiked ends of the leaves are rep- resentative of the crown of thorns of suffering. The red berries are the symbol of the blood that was shed by Christ because He loved us and took our place so that we may have life.” Cullman magazine | WINTER 2018 35