Cullman Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 33

Christmas brings a time of reflection, family gathering and the hope for that one special gift. Around town, here’s what a few people said in answer to three questions ahead of the holiday season. JERRY JACOB OF CULLMAN: SISTERS STEVIE BURROWS AND SHELBY BAILEY OF CULLMAN AND WYOMING: I’m thankful for… “Jesus.” — Stevie All I want for Christmas… “Peace on earth would be nice, even unwrapped.” I’m thankful for… “my family and community, and friends.” Best Christmas gift ever… “I’d have to say salvation.” All I want for Christmas… “The family to be togeth- er and just enjoy our time together like we always appreciate.” Best Christmas gift ever… “We do backpacking to- gether, my husband and I. We got each other the ex- act same ones.” — Shelby SANDY SMITH OF EVA: I’m thankful for… “Family and good health.” All I want for Christmas… “Is for everybody to just get along.” Best Christmas gift ever… “I got a Shirley Temple doll when I was younger and my mom made a lot of clothes to dress it in.” I’m thankful for… “Family. I recently moved to Wy- oming and Stevie moved back. I’m grateful we can spend time together, and for good friends.” All I want for Christmas… “This will be my first Christmas with my husband, so looking for us to start our own new traditions.” Best Christmas gift ever… “My sister used to make paintings for me. I’ve kept all of those … a whole wall of them.” Cullman magazine | WINTER 2018 33