Cullman Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 18

BENJAMIN A warming chickens nachos dish is along the many selections for dinner, lunch or just an afternoon snack with a craft beer. Food and drink get equal billing, and the Nishimuras — Ricardo as executive chef and Christine as head bartender — take a playfully serious approach to giving customers unique house specials that perfectly convey the restaurant’s brand. “It’s been a creative outlet, to get to come up with new recipes,” Christine explains. “I wanted to step out of the little bartending box in Cullman, and give people a place where they can enjoy some new things. “Our signature drinks are all great, and I’m re- ally proud of our bar. Of our house drinks, I’d say the Frida Kahlo (412’s house margarita) and the 50 Caliber (a local take on the Kentucky Mule) are our most popular. The Hemingway (a citrusy blend of white rum and maraschino liqueur) is also very good.” The subtle beauty of 412 lies, in part, in its blend of the relaxed with the upscale. Jordan says that, too, is by design.  “Things here are definitely craft-focused,” he says. “We wanted to go for a gastropub feel — something unique and higher-class. But we didn’t want it to be stuffy, and I think we’ve accomplished that so far.  150528-1 18 Cullman magazine | WINTER 2018