Cullman Magazine Winter 2018 - Page 14

Jenny Grissom Folsom Cullman City Council president Career Educator LISA JONES Retired Dean of Academic “We had to come in dur- “Then in 2011, we had Affairs, Wallace State Community ing the recession of 2008, the tornado, and all of the College first thing, and cut the bud- destruction and, thankfully, Late husband, Andrew Jackson get by 25 percent. That was the rebirth that came after. “Jack” Folsom, son of former not fun,” she admits. “Then, There have been a lot of Gov. James E. “Big Jim” Folsom I think it was the next year ups and downs, but I think and Jamelle Folsom when finally, after 20 years we’re in a better place. Peo- of litigation about Duck ple from all over have heard River, construction on that of Cullman and our vibrant project finally came about in our term, which I’m downtown area, at a time when so many towns our very proud to say is now almost finished — and it’ll size have empty storefronts. We have a great educa- be a water source for 100 years to come.  tion system here. We have a great location. We just “Then in 2010, Cullman decided to vote ‘wet.’ It have a lot going for us.” was less than a 200-vote difference, split down the Although she’s the only woman who currently middle, so we spent a couple of months, two and serves on the city council, Folsom points out she three nights a week, trying to write an ordinance isn’t the first.  that would best serve the interests of our people — “Some people think I was the first female on and I think we did a pretty good job. Other cities the council. I was not,” she says. “A woman named have since used our ordinance as a template, which Charlotte Miller was elected to one term in the is something we weren’t even thinking about at the 1970s. She worked for one of the local newspapers. time we were writing it.  When I was running for the council myself, I re- 14 Cullman magazine | WINTER 2018