Cullman Magazine Summer 2019 - Page 30

By 1934, the Grotto had become a des- tination, and a gift shop was added along the way. “A lot of people who come back many years after their first visit are impressed at how well it has endured,” Sanchez said. “We still meet those who are coming for the first time, but parents and grandpar- ents are now bringing children for their first experience. Protestant and Catholic, alike, come for the beauty and significance of the work.” The Grotto is open throughout the year, closing only for a few holidays. April through October are peak months for visitors, with the greening and bloom- ing plants of the spring and summer, and the milder fall temperatures. “Some are natural plants found in the area, but some landscaping was done as well through the years for people to en- joy,” Sanchez said. C 207428-1 30 Cullman magazine | SUMMER 2019