Cullman Magazine Summer 2019 - Page 10

CULLMAN PROFILE Champ CROCKER A new perspective on life, family, health & community now Champ Crocker’s priorities T Charles, 4 and Henry, 10 with their mom and dad, Emily and Champ Crocker CROCKER FAMILY PHOTO he long hours of build- ing a successful law practice were taking a toll on Champ Crocker. The Cullman attorney work days were running into nights – 12 to 14 hours behind a desk, study- ing and preparing law cases for clients – leaving little or no time for family, much less himself. Enough was enough, and Crocker knew he his lifestyle had to change. Today, the days dom- inated by an exhausting work schedule are in the rear-view mir- ror, replaced by a new perspective on life. With the Cullman attorney’s law firm is intact, and 75 pounds thinner as a result of a commit- ment to healthier living, Crocker now has time for family and com- munity service that was missing