Cullman Magazine Fall 2018 - Page 9

OKTOBERFEST In three years, through hard work and the phe- nomenal growth of railroad transportation and shipping, Cullman became a city, and a year later the county was formed.  Oktoberfest comes alive with the Volksmusik — the people’s music — traditional German clothing, food and of course, plenty of beer. The weeklong celebration has been around for years, but as Cullman grows and its her- itage is more widely publicized, the festival grows each October. Downtown Cullman has much of the architecture that depicts the founding and growth of the community. The well-pre- served buildings and the wide sidewalks were all part of the plan when Cullmann began building the town.  Oktoberfest is free and features plenty of activities for families, as well as authentic Ger- man food and a variety of music beyond the traditional tunes of the Alpines. The Festhalle, with its colorful vegetables and fruits from lo- cal farms, is always the center point for the cel- ebration. A carriage full of canines ready to race at Oktoberfest. Oktoberfest When: Oct. 3-6 lle Where: Festha Market Platz & Beyond n of io t a r b le e C : t Wha music , d o o f , y r o t is h Terry Cavanagh and the Alpine Express band are returning to the Festhalle for performances. Cullman magazine | FALL 2018 9