Cullman Magazine Fall 2018 - Page 13

store’s design and set work for Birmingham’s Sloss Fest and the photo shoot backdrop design for Florence-based fashion brand Billy Reid’s runway appearance at New York Fashion Week, as well as the clothing company’s an- nual Shindig music festival. It’s a far cry from where he thought he’d end up, back when he was fresh out of an auto body diploma program at the Cullman Tech Academy and decided to take a Wal- lace State watercolor class on a whim.  “That’s the crazy thing: I grew up with a lot of this, but for a long time, I never really thought about doing it as a career,” Howe said. “I took that first class at Wallace State — and it made me say, ‘I’m gonna take another art class’ — and everything else happened from there.” A guy with both art and craftsmanship skill must have built out his home with a pretty wide array of custom, one-of-a-kind adornments and fixtures, right? Howe laughs, and admits his home isn’t a museum — yet. “I don’t think it’s like that. But everybody seems to think there’s a lot of really neat stuff in my house,” he says. “I’m still remodeling the house my wife, Amber, and I bought in 2012. I do a lot of wood turning outside of work for fun, but I have two kids (Vesta, age 9; and Sylas, age 4) — so it’s kind of hard to find time for my own fun. It’s all an ongoing process, really.” Visit Southern Accents online at for more on Josh Howe’s work, and head to Southern Accents Architectural Antiques on YouTube to check out his craftsman profile video. Cullman magazine | FALL 2018 13