Cullman Magazine Fall 2018 - Page 12

Howe and others at Southern Accents Architectural Antiques use a variety of materials to create a new look, such as this piece featuring an aircraft hull for a restaurant in Florence. Using old doors, Howe creates a revived and usable piece suitable for any home. Josh Howe is right at home in the workshop, surrounded by the materials that take shape through his creative skill and vision. 12 Cullman magazine | FALL 2018 “My dad, Alan Howe, was a framer, so he always did a lot of woodwork out at our house,” says Howe. “If something needed to be made, he would just make it out there at the house. He’s al- ways kind of instilled in me the idea that, if something needs to be done, you figure out how to get it done yourself. He and my mom, Betty, still live at Good Hope.” Howe’s work is part art, part craftsman’s skill, and part in- dustrial design. When called upon to fabricate a piece to re- place a classic that’s been damaged or destroyed, it’s up to him to figure out how to start with nothing and arrive at beauty. “Being able to see the process that someone used to cre- ate something, and then reverse engineer it so that I can repair or duplicate it _ that’s really cool,” said Howe. “I actually never thought that I would have been into architectural restoration, but it comes easily to me, because of my sculptural background and my background in woodwork.” If you’ve been on the campus at Montevallo in recent years, you’ve probably seen the the oversized sculpture of two hands emerging from the earth on the grounds near Wills Hall. Howe, along with other Montevallo fine arts students, helped build the 16 foot-tall bronze sculpture, titled The Becoming.  “I spent two years down there helping to cast that thing,” he laughs. “But it’s the kind of work that you look back on and are really amazed that you did it; that you were a part of it.” Although Howe spends most of his time inside the shop at Southern Accents, the store’s involvement in regional and na- tional art shows, set designs and installations has put his skills to use wherever the need arises.  In addition to helping put together Southern Accents’ presence for the second Southern Makers festival in Mont- gomery in 2012, Howe has also been a crucial part of the