GASTRONOMY RESTAURANT CUBO Hotel cuisine originates in a Ljubljana restaurant with the same name that has been a meeting point of food lovers for years. The innovativeness of CUBO cuisine is proven by two cookbooks, CUBO Desserts and CUBO Home, whose excellence is proven by numerous international awards ranging from the Best Desserts Cookbook in the World and runner-up in Best Chef Cookbook in the World Best Printers for Cookbook in the World awards to the Creativity Award and reddot awards for design. Hotel restaurants are often just for culinary emergencies, but the CUBO Hotel restaurant is one of Ljubljana’s culinary hotspots. For lunch or dinner, you will be able to choose from a short but varied and seasonally flavoured menu. If your curiosity surpasses your hunger, we will prepare a tasting menu to introduce you to the wide range of our cuisine. CUBO HOTEL LJUBLJANA