C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 68

Jamie Anderson - Georgia Jamie Anderson is a self-taught fine art photographer from Savannah, Georgia. Jamie primarily photographs nature and wildlife, sunsets and sunrises, with some cityscapes, city scenes, and landmarks as well. Anything in nature or in the wilderness that he finds God’s beauty in gives him inspiration to try to capture in photography. Being self-taught, he is always trying to improve his photography and post processing skills and expand his horizons in the fine art photography world. More of his work can be found at http://jamie-anderson.artistwebsites.com/ Here is my piece. It is called Moon River Sunset. Jamie choose the art piece ‘Moon River Sunset’ to represent Georgia because it was an inspiration to him and it was also rivers like this that inspired the late Johnny Mercer who also lived in Savannah, Georgia to write the lyrics to “Moon River” which became famous in the movie ‘Breakfast at Tiffany’s’ with Audrey Hepburn, and was also famously sung and recorded by the late Andy Williams. This very river is named “Moon River” in honor of Johnny Mercer who owned a home along this river. The song, coincidentally, is about expanding one’s horizons and crossing that river, which seems wider than a mile at times, but crossing it in style and getting out to see the world. That is something Jamie Anderson would like to do in the fine art nature photography world as well! Quick Facts: The character of Holly Golightly in the novella and movie, Breakfast at Tiffany's, was based on a real-life woman named Dorian Leigh Parker, who was a personal friend of Truman Capote's, who wrote the story about her. Johnny Mercer originally intended to title the song as Blue River, but found that it was already in use. He then toyed with the idea of using “I'm Holly” as the opening words, but this didn't work for him either. So, Moon River it became instead. The president of Paramount Pictures didn't like the song and wanted it removed from the soundtrack, but Audrey Hepburn literally told him that it would only be removed “over her dead body!” There are over 500 other known recordings of the song Moon River. The Johnny Mercer House http://www.mercerhouse.com/ on Moon River, now called the Mercer-Williams House, is open to visitors. If you are more interested in the paranormal, it is said that the Mercer-Williams House is very haunted. Jim Williams, the eccentric antiques dealer who lived in the home after Johnny Mercer, is also the main character in the book, “Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil.” http://ghosttoursinsavannah.com/haunted-savannah/the-haunted-mercer-williams-house-in-savannah/ 63