C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 46

Adri Turner - Iowa Adri Turner is a self-taught fine art photographer from Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Art is an amazing part of life and I enjoy being a part of Art. I have always had a passion for photography. Back in the 1980's, I had a 110 camera. Cheap and basic, but perfect for a kid! I took pictures of everyone and everything I found unique or fun or beautiful. As I grew up, I found I loved many kinds of art. Some of my favorite things to create involve painting, drawing, photography and digital design. I especially enjoy nature. Most of my artwork is focused on nature and its beauty, but I do enjoy creating abstract art and other subjects as well. Family is a top priority to me. My brother Ray and I are very close and he is also an artist. We combined our artwork and present it together under our business Minding My Visions. http://mindingmyvisions.com/ Here is my piece. It is called Yellow and Red Tulips. This beautiful tulip photograph is one I captured during the 2015 Pella, Iowa Tulip Time Festival where my family and I enjoyed the beautiful day. Quick Facts: The first Tulip Time was celebrated in Pella, Iowa in 1935, due to the successful “Tulip Time in Pella” operetta performed by Pella High School. Unfortunately, there were no real tulips available, so a little creative ingenuity was needed. Local cabinet-maker George Heeren stepped up to the plate and made 125 wooden tulips, each standing 4 foot tall, which were supported by flagpole holes. People thought this was a great idea to commemorate Dutch heritage, and a new annual festival was born. Founded in 1847 by 800 Dutch settlers led by Dominee (Minister) Hendrik P. Scholte, the town was named after Pella in the Perea, where Christians from Jerusalem had sought safety during the Roman-Jewish war of 70 A.D. Scholte and his group of settlers were seeking religious freedom. Pella was the childhood home of the famous (or infamous!) Wyatt Earp, and his brothers Warren and Morgan were born here as well. The Tulip originated as a wild flower in Central Asia, with the Turks being the first to cultivate them, about the year 1,000 A.D. The word “tulip” comes from the Persian word meaning “turban,” and it was common to wear a Tulip in one's turban. Carolus Clusius, a famous Viennese biologist, was the first European to introduce the Tulip to Europe, starting what would become known as “Tulip Mania,” and which would later lead to financial disaster for many called the “Tulip Crash.” The flower had become so popular that many sold everything they owned in order to purchase and cultivate them. Soon the market was flooded with Tulips and their worth crashed. 41