C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 28

David Patterson – New York "As a man tramps the woods to the lake he knows he will find pines and lilies, blue herons and golden shiners, shadows on the rocks and the glint of light on the wavelets, just as they were in the summer of 1354, as they will be in 2054 and beyond. He can stand on a rock by the shore and be in a past he could not have known, in a future he will never see. He can be a part of time that was and time yet to come." William Chapman White, Adirondack Country I am a very diverse artist, creating soft pastel paintings, digital photography, and colorful glass sculptures. My digital photography consists of a wide variety of images - Including Corporate abstracts, classic cars, Man Cave items, and scenes from the Pacific Northwest to the Adirondack Mountains of New York. My soft pastel paintings are mostly impressionistic landscapes and cityscapes. I have created over 150 beautiful solid glass sculptures. I obtained a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from Washington State University, where I specialized in graphic design and photography. I am a current member of the Adirondack Pastel Society. Website: http://davidpattersonartist.com/ Here is my piece. It is called Last Bit of Fall Color at the Boathouse. The red boathouse is one of my favorite locations to photograph in Old Forge, New York. Every season offers a unique perspective to this Adirondack location. Because trees surround most of the boathouse, it is often tough to capture a good photo with all the shadows present. I waited for a partly sunny day, with broken clouds, to shoot the last days of autumn. I created this image using a 6 image HDR process. This helped bring in some beautiful light to show the last glimpses of fall color. Quick Notes: In 1798 wealthy importer John Brown of Providence, Rhode Island became the owner 210,000 acres of property in Northern New York. His son-in-law had been sent to sell a shipload of cargo but instead of coming home with a pocket full of cash he ended up with a second mortgage on this property. Aaron Burr was one of the land traders who talked him out of the $200,000 made in the sale of the cargo. John Brown tried to make the best of a bad situation by creating eight townships out of the property. He named these townships Industry, Enterprise, Perseverance, Unanimity, Frugality, Sobriety, Regularity and Economy. Old Forge was the future name of Economy. Due to many wealthy New Yorkers vacating the city during the hotter, stickier months and fleeing to the Adirondacks, a new term was born in American lingo... VACATION! The largest park in the continental United States is the Adirondack Park. 23