C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 24

Bob McCubbin - Maryland Bob McCubbin is a self-taught fine art photographer from White Hall, Maryland. A career [41 years] public school physical education teacher with a love of photography and a flair for art. I love and appreciate the beauty of life, and attempt to translate how I see that beauty through my artwork. Technology has aligned with my creativity, and I hope to some day be able to say "And the rest is history". I SINCERELY THANK YOU FOR APPRECIATING MY WORK"!!! http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/robert-mccubbin.html Here is my piece. It is called Baltimore Skyline My rendition of the Baltimore Inner Harbor, with the mast of the U.S.S. Constellation on the right and the National Aquarium in the lower left. Once again, I sincerely thank you! Quick Facts: When the Inner Harbor was no longer of use for passenger and commercial shipping, due to economic changes in the 1950's, old warehouses and piers were torn down and the space changed in to parkland. Over time the area was transformed with leisure attractions, businesses, hotels and shopping plazas, which proved to be a beneficial boon to the local economy. The area is now very popular with tourists. The U.S.S. Constellation that sits in Inner Harbor, Baltimore, is the second ship of that name. The first one was built in 1797 at the Sterrett Shipyard in Baltimore, and after a long career was broken up in 1853 at Norfolk, Virginia. The current incarnation was built at the Norfolk Naval Yard in 1855. The National Aquarium in Baltimore is consistently rated as one of the best aquariums in the United States, with endorsements coming from the Travel Channel, Coastal Living Magazine and 10Best.com. They have also been honored with the Maryland Green Registry Leadership Award and have been recognized Smart CEO Magazine and the Baltimore Business Journal for their superb record of using green practices. White Hall, Maryland is home to Ivory Mills, a historic grist mill complex that has been listed on the National Register of Historic Places. The complex consists of six frame buildings and structures from the 19 th century, including a three-story stone and frame mill building that was built around the year 1818. Originally started in 1781, the mill continued to operate until the 1920's. 19