C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 22

Francie Davis - Delaware Francie Davis is an award winning, Delaware based Nature/Landscape Photographer and is known for her spectacular sunsets and stunning reflections. She is an avid lover of nature and holds a deep respect for all God’s creatures, great and small. She considers her photographic journey an ongoing love affair with Mother Nature's beauty. “I find myself drawn to the beauty that surrounds us on a daily basis, whether photographing the large, bright eyes of one of my several kitty cats, or the awesome rays of the fading sun as it peeks through the evening clouds. My love of all things beautiful keeps me constantly challenging myself to learn more ways to capture this amazing world we live in.” Francie has had an interest in photography from a young age, but answered her most important call for family life first. She has taken the long way around to her return to photography, by working in other artistic fields, such as hairstyling and floral arranging. Once she made the decision to reach for her lifelong goal of photography, she immediately started winning local awards and found that there were other uses for her photos, as seen in some of the websites and brochures that have used her photographs. Along with winning several awards since her return to photography, Francie’s photographs have been featured in several publications and used on several websites. Some are these highlighted below: Published: 2014 Photographer for 6th annual (Save the...) BreastFest 2014 Promo photos for local classic rock band Something Grey 2014 Several photos used in Wings & Wheels commercial on local Comcast television stations 2014 "Sepia Airplane" selected for Canon Facebook cover page Delaware State Fair: From 2010-2014, Francie has won a total of 26 ribbons Wicomico Farm & Home Show: From 2011-2013, Francie has won a total of 34 ribbons, including Best in Show for both Color and Black & White Photography Francie’s photographs are available as acrylic, art, canvas, framed, or metal prints, greeting cards, iPhone and Galaxy phone cases, and Throw Pillows. Her simplistic style is sure to look great in your office or home. You can also find Francie on Facebook, Shutterfly, Google+, Twitter, and About Me. http://francie-davis.artistwebsites.com/ Here is my piece. It is called Shadows on the Beach, Cape Henlopen. In the distance is the Harbor of Refuge Lighthouse: "The Harbor of Refuge Light is a lighthouse built on the ocean end of the outer Delaware Breakwater at the mouth of the Delaware Bay, just off Cape Henlopen. It was built to function with the Delaware Breakwater East End Light in order to mark the National Harbor of Refuge." 17