C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 18

Richard Ray – Vermont Richard Ray is a Vermont abstract surreal visionary artist. He has developed this style of art from the ground up. Using mixed media and his eye for photographic imagery. Combined, this style creates very unique, one of a kind pieces! Richard's inspiration derives from a deep respect for the beauty and creativity that surrounds us. His artwork has a way of bringing this beauty to the surface. This new style brings the rich colors and abstract images between the various mediums to life! Mr. Ray's artwork has been featured in several art groups including Liverpool Arts. A group of 12,00 artists, Nigel Leslie; (group founder) was quoted as saying “Richard Ray is one of our great artists!” He is relatively new to the art scene, just last year deciding to dedicate all his energy to a full time art career. He has shown his work in several Vermont galleries including The Moore Free Gallery in Newfane, The Alchemy Gallery in Putney and the River Gallery in Brattleboro, Vermont. Richard Ray is a member of over one hundred internet art groups and galleries! For the last year, he has posted almost daily his new works and shared ideas with other artists. Website: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/1-richard-ray.html Here is my piece. It is called Tweet Me. Abstract female caught in a web of deceit. I call this new technique abstract surreal visionary modern art. Art and technique copyrighted and created by Richard Ray. Quick Notes: When you mention “abstract art” most people automatically think of straight, sharp lines or a multitude of circles. However, there are actually six types of abstract art. ● ● ● ● ● ● Curvilinear – Associated with Celtic art, this type of abstract tends to contain spirals, knots and interlaced patterns. Color / Light Related – Color and/or light is used to detach the work from reality. Geometric – Typically consists of squares, circles, triangles, rectangles and other geometric shapes. Emotional / Intuitional – More natural colors and shapes tend to be employed in this style. Gestural – This style involves using unusual methods for applying paint, and brushwork is loose and quick. Minimalist – The use of very basic, simple shapes and colors. 13