C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 116

Bobbee Rickard - Nevada H'Art & Photography is the brain child of Bobbee Rickard. I grew up in the world of art and creativity. My family was always creating as I grew up. I knew nothing differently. My Father was able to draw portraits at an early age, he was an architect, carpenter, boat designer and builder; he was forever working with wood. My Mother and Grandmother were also crafty and creating something, or re-doing something all of the time. At 6 years old, my Father put a Calligraphy Pen in my hand with a real ink well of black ink and that begin my love of lettering and printing, and creating. At 10 years old I was chosen as one of 10 children in the Fresno City District to attend a special art training, Later, I was in a group that did a silk screening documentary by Fresno State College. I was the Artist on Staff for a large florist, and also a special event company and would create back drops, holiday characters and whatever was needed with that special artistic touch. I created an art class for kids when my kids were younger, it was called, Kreative Kids. I have carried that nick name my entire life, now a great grandmother. I am still The Kreative Kid, and my work is play! Now that I am retired, I play with my photography, graphic/digital ability along with my writing and inspirational ability (I was also an inspirational speaker) to create, to uplift and, I hope, inspire others to do what makes their heart sing, and nurtures their soul. I feel that art expression is the closest we can get to our Greater Spirit and it guides our work in special ways. I have lived in Nevada my entire adult life. I love the High Desert, especially when its in bloom; I love the Sierras, the Hawks, and the Wild Mustangs that roam free. I am a member of Nevada Photographers, and the Indie Reno Artists Group. My website on Fine Art America is: Web Site: http://bobbee-rickard.artistwebsites.com/index.html Here is my piece. It is called Mother's Love. When a special moment can be captured on camera its a double whammy for everyone. This mare is watching over its new foal in the wild. These Nevada wild horses roam the range freely and are a sight to watch, observe and to photograph. This moment enhanced to a painting style is a beautiful image with a story to tell. Quick Notes: Almost half of the nation's wild, free-roaming horses live in Nevada. Many of the Mustangs are descendants of Spanish horses brought to the country in the 1800's. The word “mustang” comes from the 16th century Spanish word “mestengo,” meaning “animal that strays.” The wild horses (some say they should be called feral horses) are protected by the United States government, under the care of the Bureau of Land Management. Some states hold annual round-ups of these horses, allowing their adoption by horse lovers. In order to help protect the horses from being killed in periodic culling some people are operating sanctuaries. 111