C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 112

Feryal Faye Berber - California Feryal “Faye” Berber describes herself as a “nature lover, cloud hugger, progressive-activitisthumanist.” Fine art and craft has been a staple in Faye’s life since her early childhood. She has vivid memory of her joy, of images appearing out of nowhere as she was watching her father develop black and white photos in the family’s home. Faye discusses her paper doll fashion collection as a child, darkroom photography in college, sculpting, ceramics, and other methods she experimented with over the years. However, she describes photography as the essence of her artistry. Ultimately, Faye states that “art tames the human spirit” – allowing us to appreciate the world around us, to see the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to learn and respect the creative powers within us and beyond us. She hopes to inspire others through her work. http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/feryalfaye-berber.html Here is my piece. It is called Nirvana. The current photograph, “Nirvana – The Ultimate Wisdom” is an example of composite fine art – one of her favorite styles of photography. Faye describes the idea of Nirvana as the profound and timeless peace of mind, the ultimate freedom, and a state of liberation from reincarnation. She uses layers of different photographs to create a new image as a medium to tell the story of “Nirvana” or the dissolution of the self in becoming whole with the divine and the universe. Quick Facts: The state of Nirvana is most closely associated with Buddhism, but is also a concept of Hinduism, Jainism and Sikhism. The term is an ancient one, and can be found in the very early literature of India. Most recent reports state that there are roughly 1.2 million Buddhists in the United States, with 40% of them living in the State of California. The San Jose-Sunnyvale-Santa Clara has the highest proportion, with San Diego and San Francisco following close behind. One of the largest Buddhist temples in the western hemisphere is located in Hacienda Heights, Los Angeles County. Founded in 1988, the temple / monastery complex sits on 15 acres in the Puente Hills. A two-foot high stone statue of Buddha is being credited with bringing about major change in a historically crime-ridden neighborhood in Oakland, California that was plagued with drugs, prostitution, illegal dumping, burglaries, assaults and graffiti. In 2009 resident Dan Stevenson purchased the statue in an Ace Hardware store and placed it on the median strip at 11 th and 19th Avenues. Not long after people began to leave offerings of flowers, candles and food and some even began to pray here. Since 2012, police reports show that crime has dropped by 82% in this area of the neighborhood. 107