C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 104

Steve Ohlsen – Utah I've enjoyed and loved photography since I was young and was always the one in the family with a camera in my hand. In more recent years I've also discovered the joys of digital art, specifically, how Photoshop and similar software can enhance and bring out the art within a photograph. I enjoy doing both straight photography and digitally enhanced photographs. Each art work is a part of me, representing subjects that intrigue or interest me, or perhaps just caught my photographer's eye. Sometimes I don't always know what I'll want to capture until I see it. My visual interests are quite broad, and if my camera is handy I can always find something worth capturing, anything from interesting textures or lighting, to still life, recreational, seasonal and more. My work is available as fine art prints, or for licensing. Having been shooting stock photography and creating digital art in my spare time for many years, I still maintain a "day job", with the dream that I can one day pursue my passion for photography and art full-time. Website: http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/steve-ohlsen.html Here is my piece. It is called Enjoy Nature. My original love for photography began as a child growing up and taking annual trips with my family into local canyons here in the Rocky Mountains in the fall. I loved going to see Mother Nature in her color and glory each year with my mom and two younger brothers, often taking friends in tow. The bright yellow, red, and orange leaves over-hanging the backroads and flowing streams were the first subjects that I took a camera to. I've since broadened my photographic and artistic interests, but my first love remains. Here, with "Enjoy Nature", I re-visit those earlier times, with a collage of photos taken over a 30 year period, from just after graduating high school, to pictures taken just within the last couple of years on family road trips. Beautiful nature and landscape photos have been taken from South Dakota, all the way back west to my own southern Utah, and then finally, right in my own back yard, not necessarily in that order. I hope you enjoy. Quick Notes: Contrary to what many may think who have never visited the state, Utah is not just desert lands. It is also home to many lush trees, with the Aspen being one of the most beautiful. The nation's first department store, Zions Co-operative Mercantile Institution, was opened in Utah, founded by Brigham Young on October 9th, 1868. It is still operating today and is more commonly known as ZCMI. Utah has the highest literacy rate in the nation. 99