C&T Publications 50 States of Art - 2015 - Page 10

Mike Breau - Maine Mike Breau is a self-taught fine art photographer from Dixfield, Maine. HI! I’m Mike Breau - I strive to be different!!! Painting on water is my primary love, combining ancient and modern art disciplines. Often select and new purpose-created tools are designed to allow for forcing new avenues of creativity that might never be imagined otherwise. Illusion photography, real time photography, and digital art have also been challenging to my artistic creativity; oftentimes there becomes compelling reasons to combine some, or near all, of these different elements together to steer these works toward originality and uniqueness. The greatest aspiration is seeking to create delightful and uplifting artworks that tempt the viewer to inquire not only how or why, but also to fulfill a new niche for collectors as well as provide vivid expressions for different audiences. So far that seems to be working. Many of these pieces will eventually be merged with many newer pieces as part of the creative process. They are constantly evolving to fulfill a greater dream--artistic storytelling. Stay tuned and enjoy the journey. Everyone is invited wholeheartedly to become a part of it!! Most of the artworks so far have been progressively featured by many of Fine Art America’s top ranked Groups. Many have also been Winners and/or Top Finishers of numerous contests, juried and non-juried, featured in theme-specific FAA Groups at Fine Art America. Most of my artworks can be seen and purchased throughout various art walks, galleries, art centers, and organizations in Maine, U.S.A., predominantly in the Western Foothills, as well as in the cities Lewiston and Portland. With a constant flow of new creations they are finding their way into homes, businesses and unique collections. These works have been, and will continue to be utilized by various organizations in fulfilling goals to raise awareness and support through fund drives related to numerous diseases and other important venues. http://fineartamerica.com/profiles/mike-breau.html Here is my piece. It is called The Nuttings Are Coming “The Nuttings Are Coming” by Maine artist Mike Breau made its debut on May 2, 2015, at the Rumford Eagles, Aerie 1248 to increase their fund-raising efforts at the “Mountain Valley Kids Festival” celebrating “Child Advocacy Day” in Rumford Maine. It is an ultra-important local family fun and educational event with many great organizations and talents coming together to raise money to be distributed among the many participating youth groups. The donated piece “The Nuttings Are Coming” are two lovable gray(grey) squirrels that fell in love with the event. As they tour and make their way throughout Maine and New England, under their many guises, the Nuttings and the rest of their clan, which will be introduced over time, are certain to warm anyone’s heart. A Framed copy is presently gracing the gallery at The Dempsey Cancer Center, part of Central Maine Medical Center, as part of Mike’s “Artist of the Month-June 2015” featured works; The Nuttings will then move to the Radiology Department at CMMC to join my Mike’s other rotating works that continue to bring a tad of joy to those patients undergoing medical treatment there. The “Nuttings Are Coming” has been honored with many features from various outstanding groups at Fine Art America and is a derivative of several of his other contest winners and top finishers featured by various FAA Groups. 5