CSR Draft FKH CSR Report 2018 Draft 1 - Page 2

Unlock More Service and Community A LETTER FROM THE CEO As part of our corporate branding strategy, FirstKey Homes invites residents and potential residents to “Unlock More.” We use examples on our website such as “Unlock More Backyard BBQs” and “Unlock More Puppy Love” to show that renting a property from FirstKey Homes isn’t just about signing a lease but that we’re with our residents all along the way, helping them make that house a home. It ties into the Brand Promise of FirstKey Homes: to improve the quality of living for renters across America. So we’re committed first and foremost to providing the best possible service to our residents. But we realize that to be the world-class, industry-leading company that we aspire to be, we must go above and beyond that by also giving back to the communities we serve. In fact, Service and Community are among the core values of FirstKey Homes, tied to our goal of being more than just a landlord and acting as an important, contributing part of the community. We’re realizing this vision in a number of ways and are building a Corporate Social Responsibility plan that strives to Unlock More Service and Community. In short, we want to be a good partner to the communities that we serve. You can look no further than the employee volunteer and donation efforts detailed in this report to see that we’re not just giving lip service to the idea of giving back. The mission of FirstKey Homes includes being committed to operational excellence that drives performance, while fostering community with a passion for people. Our Corporate Social Responsibility plan aims to emphasize our core values of Service and Community by being a good neighbor and a valuable partner in the communities where we operate. Read on to learn more about what FirstKey Homes has done and plans to do to Unlock More Service & Community. Martin Esteverena | Chief Executive Officer