CSR Draft FKH CSR Report 2018 Draft 1 - Page 10

WHY IS VOLUNTEERISM AND GIVING BACK IMPORTANT TO YOU? WHY IS IT IMPORTANT TO YOU THAT FKH ACTIVATES OUR CORE VALUES OF SERVICE AND COMMUNITY? “ – John Taveras, Accounts Payable team “ – Angela Dickerson, AR Cash Management Associate “ I believe it’s important because it will show residents that we are not just a business but that we care about them and the communities they – and we – live in. It shows commitment and supports the vision for what FirstKey Homes stands for. It shows our residents that we provide more than just a service and that we are committed to treating them as family. – Deidre Hunter, Treasury Cash Associate We have residents who trust and depend on us to provide a certain standard of quality living to them. So having a good reputation and leadership in our communities shows our residents that we not only provide a service but that we also care about the families we serve. – Angela Dickerson, AR Cash Management Associate It’s very beneficial and uplifting because it allows me to build relationships and network. I’ve been able to build self-confidence and lift up others’ spirit in the process, which makes me feel good. – Deidre Hunter, Treasury Cash Associate – Chris Utash, Accounts Payable Specialist “ “ “ Service to me is serving those who are less fortunate, not just those you can profit from. As an organization, our community extends beyond our residents, employees and business partners; it extends to those who live in our communities and the communities of our employees. Our sense of service and community should be felt throughout every state we operate in. In this day and time we live in, with so many unfortunate events, anytime I can give back and make a positive impact on someone’s life…is a life worth living. It’s important to give back because we need the balance; we can’t let the negative outweigh the positive in our communities. “ “ It makes me feel so good giving back and seeing someone smile even when they are going through hard times. – Chris Utash, Accounts Payable Specialist I grew up poor. Went without food, shoes and clean clothes from time to time, and I am very fortunate that others took the time to help me. These people are like heroes to me, and I want to pay it forward. I have a son now and have been bringing him to Good Day, Good Deed events since he was old enough to pass out bottles of water to the homeless. Learn to appreciate the little things in life. Don’t take your blessings for granted, be a good soul and a contributing member of our community. Make an impact every hour, every day, everywhere you go. Giving is receiving. – John Taveras, Accounts Payable team