CSF Strategic Plan - Page 5

OUR long history has resulted in the evolution CHALLENGES of strong values, beliefs, culture, o An increase in the complexity of serious problems presented to CSF by clients and a lack of specialist services able to cope with this demand mean that more is expected of our volunteer community workers. o In particular, increased instances of people presenting with mental health, homelessness, alcohol and other drug problems require additional care and ongoing supervision, support and training for volunteers. o o The retirement of long serving staff members and a reduction in funding for paid positions doesn’t come without its challenges. CSF will continue get the most from a highly skilled volunteer base but will continue to review its ability to provide services. o Maintaining existing relationships with key partners such as Frankston City Council (for staff, facility and in- @7W'BpvF&WFpVW&vV7&VƖVbgVFrWfV0F&VvFRfVFW&vfW&VN( 0FW'FVBb666W'f6W2E52v6&RW76VFFFr54`6W'f6W2ࠤ54b2&v6FG&6FGW&r&V6VB66ǒGW&'VVBFW0vVFvR62F@WGv&2খFR6VG2f6pV&W b"6VvW3gWGW&R6Ɩ6F2"6vW2FW'FW'62v7BFPVFGBVƗGb6W'f6W2@GfW'6VǒffV7B54n( 266GFGG&7BB&WFWW&V6VB@6VB7Ffb&WF&rrFW&fVFVW"&&@V&W'276W76rvFR&vR`fV&RvVFvR62@6VG6V7F2v&PFff7VBF&W6R6gBfVFVW&rG&VG2vVW&ǐ2&W7VFVB6VG֖FV@VRfrW72FRf&Rf fVFVW&rvF&VfW&V6W2f 6'BFW&BRfbfVFVW&p&FW"F&VwV"6֗FVBFW&FfR6W&6W2bFWVFP76'6f"6VG6W'f6W2W7V6ǒf"F֖7G&F&PƖ֗FV@@6WFFf vfW&VB'W6W70@F&27W'B2vFW7FPVr7V6Ɨ7BV&Ɩ2&VF0BgVB&6rW'6VWfVFP&rvV6W2&R7G'VvvƖrF6FP6W&6W0`f67W'Bࠠ