CSF Strategic Plan - Page 4

LEADER IN ITS FIELD Since its beginning in 1968, Community Support Frankston (CSF) has become widely recognized as a leader in its field. The reasons for this are as follows: CAPABLE GOVERNANCE Competent oversight of finances and planning. All board members are professionally employed workers, run their own businesses or are retired senior professionals. SKILLED VOLUNTEERS Volunteers come from a range of backgrounds, including the human services, business and government sectors. With intensive training and support, they are able to assist clients experiencing a wide range of complex problems. Our community workers (interviewers) complete a nationally accredited training course to handle complex clients. Reception, Administration, Food Program and Information Technology roles at CSF consist of dedicated volunteers who are regularly trained and supported COMPETENT STAFF For anyone working in a paid or volunteer role at CSF it’s more than a job. Traditionally, all our paid staff commenced as volunteers, allowing them to develop a strong understanding of the organisation’s values, culture and commitment to community. Their personal experience with the rigours of front-line volunteer work at CSF enables them to appreciate fully the demands that volunteers experience and the importance of providing them with a high level of support. INNOVATION Originally a Citizens Advice Bureau, CSF was the first of its type in Victoria to provide specialized support to people experiencing severe disadvantage. It has developed a wide range of information, services and projects to meet the changing needs of local people. COUNCIL SUPPORT Frankston City Council employs CSF’s management staff and provides office accommodation and the costs of maintenance to the premises, grounds, telephone and utilities. CSF sits within Frankston City Council’s Community Strengthening division. FEDERAL GOVERNMENT SUPPORT Through its emergency relief service, CSF has maintained a strong relationship over 30 years with the Federal Government Department of Social Services. HISTORY AND CULTURE Established in 1968, CSF has a strong background as a local service provider, being the first information and crisis support service to operate in the area.