CSF AR2018 Annual Report - Final-2018 - Page 6

Treasurer’s Report Community Support Frankston in its 50th year of operation has again been a significant contributor in providing assistance to those residents in our community who are experiencing a crisis in their lives. Total Emergency Relief income received was $348,641. The major part of this income was again a Government Grant of $250,326, which concludes our current contract. We will again have to tender for the next round of funding. We were also again fortunate to receive the support of various businesses, organisations and residents, which included Bayside Shopping Centre, Hocking Stuart Real Estate, Igniting Change, Langwarrin Community Centre and the Silver Linings Charity Trust, who provided donations totalling $52,753. Grants and donations of $45,040 were also received from the Magistrates Court, R E Ross Trust and the Lord Mayor’s Foundation. This extra support was a significant contribution to our assistance program. Emergency Relief expenditure totalled $336,362, which included the Coordinators wage and Audit/Internet fees of $67,066. Other significant expenditures were Food Cards $151,642, Accommodation/Rental $27,047 and Car Registration/ Licence/Repairs $16,103. Total Administration Income received was $75,591. This included $42,214 in donations from various sources, including Australian Hotels Association, the Rotary Club of Frankston Sunrise and the Coles Group, who provided discounts on our food card purchases. 6 It takes a community Other items of Income were bank Interest of $3,115, Good Shepherd YFS $3,900 and reimbursements of $17,837. Grants totalling $26,040 were also received and included $9,750 from the Stronger Communities Programme towards our new food and storage facility, Lord Mayor’s Foundation, Feed Melbourne and Frankston Council. Administration expenses totalled $48,061 and included $27,589 towards the building and fit out of our storage facility, depreciation $6,071 and general running expenses of the centre. The Lord Mayor’s Grant of $12,669 was also expended in auspicing the provision of a new kitchen for the Avocare food service. We again acknowledge the ongoing support of Frankston City Council, who provide our premises and pay the ongoing major running expenses and staffing costs. Many thanks also for the fantastic support received from our community, businesses and organisations previously mentioned in my report, and Ritchies Supermarkets and Shepard Webster & O’Neill Audit P/L for providing discounts on their products and services. Terry Mackay Treasurer