CSF AR2018 Annual Report - Final-2018 - Page 5

CSF also continues to co-locate two Good Shepherd financial counsellors, who are a great source of information and support to our volunteer team, along with the Centrelink community outreach worker, who spends a full day assisting CSF clients with government payment-related problems. Frankston City Council (FCC) continues to provide crucial in-kind and staffing support that CSF simply couldn’t exist without. CSF was also grateful to have had its 50-year anniversary acknowledged by FCC through a special civic reception event earlier this year. We acknowledge the Frankston City Councillors, staff and the Mayor, Cr. Colin Hampton, for his comments, along with Federal MP, Chris Crewther for his stated commitment to restoring CSF funding to previous levels. Our volunteer caseworker program has also gone from strength to strength with Amy Lee assisting more than 30 clients with complex needs in her first full year. Mental heath issues were the single most frequent issue experienced by casework clients, and we encourage you to read the full report and case-studies in the following pages. Over the past 12 months we have also worked on bringing other services to our clients, including a relationship with the Peninsula Health dental program, free community haircuts - courtesy of the MAYKO hair team - mobile showers thanks to the Clean as Casper team, and a closer relationship with Wellways to better engage some of our clients with mental health support. Along with our hosting of community events for Homelessness and Anti-poverty weeks, the Wall of Kindness free coats were also well received by people in need of them. CSF has continued to grow its financial and in-kind support partnerships with a range of partners, including those who have contributed to our new storage and food facility, including the Rotary Club of Frankston Sunrise, Igniting Change, Feed Melbourne, Frankston City Council and the Stronger Communities Program. In terms of our pantry support, Operation Larder continues to be our most significant supporter, and we thank all of the local businesses, schools, church groups and others that contribute regularly to our ER program. Hocking Stuart in Frankston is one such business that continues to sponsor the bulk of funds needed for our hot meal voucher program. Community Support Frankston We also wish to acknowledge the financial contributions that have been made to our ER and other programs by Bayside Shopping Centre, Igniting Change Foundation, Frankston Magistrates’ Court Fund, the R E Ross Trust and the Silver Linings Charitable Trust that are amongst our major supporters. Furthermore, we congratulate Dr Mrin Nayagam on the publication and success of her recent book, with proceeds being directed to CSF. The Frankston Community Appeal broke its fundraising record from last year, making in excess of $30,000, which has helped CSF and the Frankston Emergency Relief Providers (FERP) network to get more food hamper support to a growing number of people in need of food relief, including local families from special development schools in Frankston. We thank State MP, Paul Edbrooke for directing an Australian Hotels Association grant to the 27 year-long Appeal. Congratulations to CSF’s Ada Fletcher on winning the IMPACT Volunteering, Frankston Volunteer of the Year Award. Ada joins Sue Grogan, Barrie Holloway and John Tame with 25 years of service to CSF, while Peter Lewis, as a founding CSF member, celebrates his 50 years of service. It’s with great sadness that we lost three members of the CSF family earlier this year. Peter Verwoerd, Leon Zimmerman and Frances Evans were all great contributors to CSF and we miss them. With more than 800 recorded volunteer names in our 50 year history, it’s our volunteers who have made our service what it is today and who continue to help shape our future. We extend our thanks and admiration to all of CSF’s volunteers, leadership team members, paid staff and Board of Management who freely give their time and resources. We look forward to another 50 years of dedicated service to the Frankston community, helping those who need it most. Thank you. Sue Smith | Steve Phillips Annual Report 2018 5