CSF AR2018 Annual Report - Final-2018 - Page 27

Reaching our Community Through Services, Projects and Partnerships Barry Dean Pharmacy Tax Help 2017— 2018 CSF’s payment for essential medicines for those in need grew by more than 25% over the reporting period with more clients struggling to pay for medications and essentials. It was great to grow our relationship with Julie and her team at Barry Dean Pharmacy, who continue to be understanding and respectful of our clients. Tax Help is a free and confidential service, provided from 1st July to 31 October, to low income earners to complete their Tax Returns. Established over 28 years ago, Tax Help has been assisting a diverse range of people who meet certain criteria lodge their Tax Return. Typically, clients accessing the program are unable to afford to pay an accountant, find it difficult to complete their own Tax Returns and are more comfortable asking for assistance from someone in the community than approaching a tax agent. The Tax Help volunteers Peter, Rita, Lidio and Linda responded to 130 appointments with 86 clients attending. CSF also commenced Thursday evening appointments, 4pm – 6pm. All Community Volunteers are fully trained, accredited and supported by the Australian Taxation Office. Along with the 232 day passes for essential travel, Barry Dean assisted us to commence providing MYKI cards to clients, including to those with health related problems, needing to access doctors and appointments. Free Community Dental CSF was pleased to grow its relationship with the Peninsula Health dental team, who attended CSF on a few separate occassions to provide FREE dental checks and schedule priority dental work to some of our clients. Clean as Casper Clean as Casper has continued to provide its outreach service at CSF on Thursdays as a free hot shower service available to anyone, and is now joined by onevoice, which operates Wednesday nights. Clean as Casper also provides people with a space to sit, have a conversation and feel included. Community Support Frankston | Annual Report 2018 27