CSF AR2018 Annual Report - Final-2018 - Page 26

Reaching our Community Through Services, Projects and Partnerships Bubbles on Beach Food & Storage Facility Pictured above: CSF’s relationship with Nicole and Glynis at Bubbles on Beach to provide a washing service for clients that don’t have access to the necessary resources to keep clothes and bedding clean has continued. More than just a washing and drying service, the lovely ladies assist with powders, conditioners and engage our clients in friendly and dignified conversations. Now in its final stages of completion, the food and storage facility has had significant support from the Rotary Club of Frankston Sunrise, through both donations received through the annual charity golf day events and the man- power that continues to be provided with working bees. A range of different funds and partners continue to support this project. Free Community Haircuts CSF is grateful to Melissa and her dedicated team at MAYKO Hair for attending CSF every 6-8 weeks, providing free haircuts to people in Frankston that struggle to afford one. Initially starting as a special community event service, it’s been fantasitc having the MAYKO team and free haircuts as a more regular feature at 35 Beach Street. 26 It takes a community