CSF AR2018 Annual Report - Final-2018 - Page 22

Reaching our Community Through Services, Projects and Partnerships Hocking Stuart Frankston Meal Vouchers Perishable Foods and Meals Pictured above: Hocking Stuart (HS) Frankston have continued to sponsor the majority of our monhtly bill cost, paying for hot meals vouchers that are redeemed at Mama Lee’s restaurant in Frankston by our clients that don’t always have access to cooking facilities. HS Frankston team have also been supportive of our 50th anniversary promotion and we thank Adrian and his team. CSF has continued to grow its perishable foods and meals programs through relationships with national food recovery agencies, other services and local businesses. In the 2017- 18 financial year CSF received and distributed more than 16,000 kg’s of recovered foods, including fresh fruits and vegetables, between OzHarvest, SecondBite and FareShare alone. Getting Mobile 2.0 Following the pilot of the Getting Mobile Project, connecting people with a mobile phone and providing practical digital literacy skills and assistince, CSF is still working in partnership with low cost telco ’Better Life’ to connect vulnerable people with a mobile phone in a sustainable way. All too often we see people who are in debt with mobile phone contracts. The Getting Mobile 2.0 program is about connecting eligible clients with a free mobile phone and a contract they can afford and be supported with. CSF would like to develop a funding relationship with a group or business that could help us keep more of our clients conneceted with a mobile phone, allowing them greater connection and support with services. 22 It takes a community The Avocare Kitchen Worx program has continued to be our most reliable supplier of healthy pre-prepared meals. The 6000+ meals, cooked locally at Ebdale Community Centre, are very important to our Emergency Food Relief program.