CSF AR2018 Annual Report - Final-2018 - Page 21

Information and Resources Information Technology IT Support and Databases The IT Team is crucial in maintaining the agency’s IT resources. Special thanks to Daniel Fenn for his major contributions in keeping CSF’s hardware, software and IT plan on track, and to Barrie Holloway for maintaining CSF’s data systems, which are vital for our reporting requirements and ongoing funding. Barrie was instrumental in developing CSF’s revised database that was launched in 2018. Administration CSF has a dedicated team of specialist volunteers that assist with our data, client and other information input and management. A lot of work has gone into updating some of our internal database standard operating procedures over the past 12 months, and while there’s too many people to name we appreciate all your time and efforts. Brochures Since the cessation of funding for the Special Projects Coordinator role at CSF, a small team of volunteers have continued to look after the content management of our 35+ community information brochures and www.frankston. net website, which receives in excess of 100,000 hits each year. CSF has been proactive with training and engaging new and existing volunteers to assist with CSF’s information management, including Work for the Dole participants. Each year CSF prepares, produces and distributes approximately 20,000 brochures. These are taken by our clients and are also made into special information kits, which are distributed to community agencies, schools, doctors clinics, houses of worship and community centres. The most sought after brochures are related to Food, Groceries and Meals Support, Assistance with Bills, No Interest Loans, Emergency Accommodation and Homelessness Support. Social Media CSF uses social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter to engage with the local community. We regularly promote the agency’s services and other programs, share good news, items of interest and use digital media to acknowledge and thank our supporters. CSF continues to admin the following Facebook pages with a growing amount of followers now exceeding the thousands: Community Support Frankston Pets in the Park Frankston Frankston Community Appeal Public Internet Access CSF has a commitment to provide free Internet, Office software and web-based email access to the agency’s clients. Computer users can type resumes, apply for jobs online, print bank statements, contact Centrelink or friends and family through social media. Community Support Frankston Social media platforms are a great way to engage with our community and provide opportunities for awareness raising and promotion. More importantly, they also provide an opportunity for people in need of help to reach out to us, ask and find out more about our services. | Annual Report 2018 21