CSF AR2018 Annual Report - Final-2018 - Page 17

People — Our Main Resource Scope of Volunteer Roles Training Offered to Volunteers 2017 -2018 Administration Board of Management – Meetings – Agency Finances – Working with Manager – Sub-committees Case Discussion Group Leaders Database Development Database Input and Support Face-to-face Interviewing Food Program Assistants Telephone Interviewing Information & Resources Information Technology Support Maintenance, Food Resources Mentoring Reception Roster Coordination Statistics Tax Help Team Leaders Trustees 20 July Case Discussion Group – Centrelink - Online Services – Walking Tour of Local Agencies – Morning Tea at South East Water 17 August Family Violence Workshop – Identifying and Responding to Family Violence 21 September Case Discussion Group – Ergonomic / Workplace Safety Training – Frankston Corrections 23 October Building on Interviewing Skills (Mornington CISS) 16 November Case Discussion Group – DHHS – FAMDAS 15 February Annual CSF Information Day 15 March Fast Tracker Training 5 April Reception Morning Tea 19 April Peninsula Community Legal Centre 9 May CISVic Face to Face Ice Training (Mornington CISS) 16 & 23 May Communication, Connections & Challenging Situations (CISVic - Frankston South Community & Recreation Centre) 30 May Cultural Competence & Building Financial Resilence (CISVic - Dandenong RSL) 26 June Administration - New Stats Code Book Training 28 June Reception & Interviewers Community Support Frankston Training Induction – Orientation and police check (all roles) Receptionists On the job training Mentoring Training meetings Administration & Data Entry On the job training Interviewers – On the job training – 50 hour competency based training course (CHCCCS004) – Mentoring and probation hours – In-Service training attendance – Case Discussion Groups | Annual Report 2018 17