CSF Annual Report 2017 CSF Annual Report - 24.10.17 FINAL - Page 6

Treasurer’s Report Community Support Frankston was again at the forefront in providing assistance, support and Emergency Relief to the residents of Frankston. With the closing of City Life lunch and the Churches breakfast services, further pressure was placed on the agency’s resources to assist in filling this gap. The agency played a vital role, with the support of other organizations, in supporting residents who used these services. Funds received for Emergency Relief totalled $288,537, an increase of $26,044 from the previous year. Included in this amount was Department of Social Services Grant $250,326,R.E.Ross Grant $13,500, Magistrates Court $13,500 and Donations $10,934. Expenditure on Emergency Relief was $281,292, an increase of $5,709 on last year and included $52,251 in Staffing costs. A wide range of assistance was provided to clients and included Food Cards $126,978, Utilities/Telephone $7986, Optical/Medical/Chemist $75,37, Food $16,943, Accommodation/Rental $28,247, Removal/Storage $5,097, Miscellaneous $8,180 and Car Registration/Licence/ Registration $10,020. Donations included Rotary Frankston Sunrise $20,300, which included our Shed Project, Coles Group Ltd Food Cards discount $7,630 and Langwarrin Community Centre $2,500. Prudent management of expenses by the board has resulted in a satisfactory level of Administration costs which totalled $43211, an increase of $3818 on last year. General items of expenditure included Stationary Office Supplies $3,868,Supplies $2,618, Miscellaneous $19,534 which included swags for Homeless $1,385,Coles Food Cards $10,997 (reimbursed from Emergency Relief funds) Volunteer Grants Programme $3 754, IT Equipment/ Maintenance $3,871 and Depreciation on Assets $4,637. I would again like to acknowledge the ongoing support of Frankston City Council and for the provision of our premises and payment of major running expenses and staffing costs. Many thanks also for the financial support provided by the many Organizations and Businesses which included Rotary Frankston Sunrise, R.E Ross Trust, Magistrates Court, Hocking Stuart Real Estate, South East Water and Langwarrin Community Centre and to Coles Group Ltd, Ritchies Supermarkets and Shepherd, Webster & O’Neill Audit P/L for the discounts provided on their goods and services. Terry Mackay. Treasurer. Administration Income received totalled $61,820, a decrease of $8,972. Main sources of this income consisted of Bank Interest on Reserves $7,485, Donations $31,735, Reimbursements $15,883. 6 The measure of a community is how it treats its most vulnerable members