CSF Annual Report 2017 CSF Annual Report - 24.10.17 FINAL - Page 4

Message from the Chair and Manager It has been another busy year for all the staff at Community Support Frankston (CSF) as we continue to grow our services and reach more people in Frankston who have fallen on tough times. Requests for assistance from new and existing clients continue to grow following the closure of meals and other related services. In turn, these reductions have made CSF’s role in assisting some of Frankston’s most disadvantaged more crucial than ever in our 49 year history. With volunteers in Australia now asked to contribute more than ever, it is only through the commitment and dedication of our volunteers that we are able to respond to the increased community call for help in Frankston. This year, CSF’s 114 volunteers contributed a combined 15,372 hours into our services, representing a 15% increase in both volunteer numbers and hours since our last report. Valuing our volunteer contribution is more than a dollar sign and it is important to acknowledge that more than half a million dollars of in-kind volunteer hours went into keeping CSF a strong and vibrant service. “Community Support Frankston, inspired by nearly half a century of volunteer community workers, seeks the common good through the fair and equitable treatment of our community’s most vulnerable members. We believe in providing services that are impartial and supportive of all diversity and the right to a fair share of Frankston’s resources for all people.” Over the past 12 months CSF has met challenges and remains responsive to changing community needs. When meals, shower and other services were disappearing from Frankston, we did not step away from our responsibility and accountability to some of our community’s most vulnerable people. We have worked hard to establish new partnerships and worked alongside others to welcome new services to Frankston - including mobile meals and a shower service – while also creating new opportunities for local groups and businesses to get more involved with the important work of CSF. Co-location of the Bolton Clarke (formerly Royal District Nursing Service) Homeless Persons Program nurse, Kathy Rodis, in July 2016 added tremendous value to our service and was in part a response to the increasing number of people presenting at CSF with general health-related problems. Unfortunately, those experiencing absolute poverty struggle to access even basic nutritional requirements to support a minimum level of physical health, and our partnership with the Homeless Persons Program continues to be strong and successful. This relationship is one of many that have come 4 The measure of a community is how it treats its most vulnerable members