CSF Annual Report 2017 CSF Annual Report - 24.10.17 FINAL - Page 23

Reaching our Community Through Services, Projects and Partnerships Community Events @ CSF CSF was pleased to play a leading role in organising and hosting FREE community events for ‘Homeless Persons’ and ‘Anti Poverty’ Week events in 2016, working in partnership with Frankston City Council, the Frankston Homelessness and Emergency Relief Providers Networks. Hundreds of community members were engaged accross both events which provided access to hot meals, food, clothing and wet weather give-aways. A ‘Wall of Kindness’ display providing free winter jackets was also provided along with access to free haircuts, showers, dental and podiatry checks (among other services). We continue to receive positive feedback on these events and with shrinking services in Frankston it also helps to strengthen public understanding of the cause and consequences of poverty and harship and the imacts on people and community. Community Support Frankston | Annual Report 2017 23