CSF Annual Report 2017 CSF Annual Report - 24.10.17 FINAL - Page 22

Reaching our Community Through Services, Projects and Partnerships Getting Mobile Project Avocare - Kitchen Worx Following the success of the ‘Santa Calls’ Campaign’ - providing clients with mobile phone access - CSF partnered with Better Life Communications and developed a pilot program to provide more prolonged mobile phone use while also teaching digital literacy. CSF engaged RMIT placement student Naomi Sheath to case-manage a small number of clients who had struggled to manage a mobile phone (both financially and technologically). With shrinking access to community meals in Frankston, the healthy takeaway meals that are produced by the Avocare team and supplied to CSF as part of our Emergency Relief have been extremely valuable. With increasing demand for access to food relief, these kinds of partnerships – providing people who can least afford meals with a free and nutritional meal option – are extremely valued. As part of the pre-assessment for the program, clients were assessed to have both a social and educational need for the program. CSF provided a mobile phone and 3 months contract (free of charge) while both Naomi and Better Life staff provided practical assistance and learning of things such as data use, phone applications, myGov and use of email. 22 CSF has forged relationships with other groups that have also been able to assist with cooked mea [B\]Y[H[[YH \[ L YX[ݚYYݙ\H\ L[۝HYH][ܞܘ[H\›XYHHY[\X HYX\\HوH[][]H\]X]][[\XHY[X\