CSF Annual Report 2017 CSF Annual Report - 24.10.17 FINAL - Page 20

Volunteer stories Why I volunteer at CSF Diane Spender Joining CSF in 2014 as a volunteer has been a great decision. I have taught in primary schools in Karingal & Langwarrin for the past 30 years. After retiring, I now had time to volunteer in my local community. I went on the volunteer website, looking at the various volunteer jobs advertised. On seeing an interviewer job advertised, I read the skills needed & thought it would be a good fit for me. I rung a friend for advice, concerned that I didn’t know all the answers for client’s problems & concerns. She explained that empathy for the client’s issues was the main thing & the knowledge to assist them would grow. This thought has proved quite true, as without empathy for the client we couldn’t do our job. We do not judge but assist them in any way we can to make their journey less difficult. The friendly & caring atmosphere in the office is designed to support & share our knowledge. The collaborative problem solving by fellow interviewers & managers is what I really enjoy. We as a team endeavour to do our best to address our client’s needs. Many clients are overwhelmed by our assistance & are very thankful. Having few people to turn to for assistance makes them very vulnerable. Showing kindness to them & having their problems listened to helps to lighten their heavy load. Gaining an insight into the problems many in our community suffer has taught me a lot. I now see many issues from a differen ЁЁ٥܀ٽȁѼ͡ɔѡ́ݱ)ݥѠ䀘ɥ̸)$ݽձѡɽ՝ɕٽչѕɥЁ M)Ѽ役ݡɔ܁́ݕ())ձ-ѥ)$ٽչѕɥݥѠ Mѱٕȁ啅ȁ)٥ɕѱ䁝ɅՅѕ$݅́ѼЁͽɕ)ɥݥѡѡչ͕٥͕́ѽȸ$݅)݅ɔѡЁ Mɕхѥȁɽ٥ٽչѕ)ݥѠɅаѡ՝ЁѡЁЁ)ɽ٥չѼٕ܁̸ͭ)Qѡ́䁕хѥ́ݕɔѠЁፕ)ɵɅ͕ͥ́ٔɕمЁѼ)ѡ䁍́ M̸$ٔͼ)ѼɅ܁ѡݕѠɥх)ٽչѕ́ѼݽɬݥѠ́)ѥ她ɕͥѡȁ̸)!ݕٕȰ́ѡݕ́ݕЁ䰁䁵ѥمѥ)ٽչѕɥݥѠ MѼ%Ё)ЁɽٕͥЁɔЁѡ)ͥѡ͕٥ѡѽɥ́ѡ䁡Ѽ)ѕ)MٕɅ́ѽЁȁЁѡЁѡ)͡ȁյȁ́ͥѡ͕٥쁄ѕх)ЁѼ܁ɐͽɔЁѡ)չ䰁ЁѼѡ٥хɽѡЁ Məɵ̸$݅)ͼՍѡɅ䁽ѡՕ́ѡ͔)ɅݥѠ饹ٕɕͥ)ѡٕͥ丁Q́ɕͥѕ)ɅѕхѡЁѕѼ M)]ѡȁѡɽ՝ѡɽ٥ͥɝɕ)ٽ䁽ȁɕɅѼѡȁ̰$ٔ)͔ͅѥ͙ѥѡЁٕȁѡ͔ѕ٥̰)́݅ɔѡЁѡ䁡ٔɕѥѥ̰)ѡЁѡ䁅ɔѼ͕݅䁙݅ɐ)Qɔչ䁥́܁Ёɕ́́ЁձɅ