CSF Annual Report 2017 CSF Annual Report - 24.10.17 FINAL - Page 2

Our Services COMMUNITY INFORMATION Connecting vulnerable people in our community to appro- priate services, supports and programs. COMMUNITY ASSESSMENTS Individualising intake sessions with trained community workers to assess people in need. VOLUNTEER RESOURCE SERVICE Promoting and providing volunteer opportunities and com- munity engagement. EMERGENCY RELIEF WORK AND CASEWORK Assisting people experiencing financial crisis with material aid, personal and practical help. ADVOCACY AND REFERRAL SERVICES Providing access and linkages to specialised services and workers. SERVICE PARTNERSHIPS Creating community links, networks and programs that best serve the needs of people experiencing hardship. Our Vision We work to help create a Frankston where everyone has access to the resources, services and opportuinites that will enable them to maintain a standard of living equal to that enjoyed by the majority. Reviews From some of our clients... “Frankston Community Support Centre really is a great hub as a Centre of support for the community. Caring team members.” “A fantastic volunteer run organisation.” “Great first point of contact for those who need support within our community. Helpful in more ways than you can imagine.” “A fantastic local service provided to clients most in need.” @CommunitySupportFrankston