CSF Annual Report 2017 CSF Annual Report - 24.10.17 FINAL - Page 16

Finding the Right People CSF service fun fact: Our busiest shift (in terms of number of client encounters) was the Wednesday AM shift, followed closely by the Friday PM crew. Not too far behind in third place were the Monday AM interviewers. Total Volunteer Hours — 15,372 Community Support Frankston (CSF) volunteers have had another busy and rewarding year working with Frankston’s most vulnerable and disadvantaged members. What stands out this year is the huge team effort that’s gone into servicing a much higher volume of client interactions across interview and reception face-to-face encounters. There were 10,250 of these encounters this year compared with 5,551 in the last reporting period. CSF has had an increase in enquiries from people wanting to volunteer at CSF in 2016-17 (205 compared with 164 in the last reporting period) which is a 40% increase since 2014-15. With the changing nature of volunteering CSF has a good mix of new and more experienced community interviewers and receptionists. In terms of gender representation our ladies still make up the majority of CSF volunteers (75% of the total) and 78% of community interviewers. The graph of CSF volunteers by age below and shows quite a balanced demographic CSF VOLUNTEERS BY AGE Under 25 25-39 40-54 55-64 65 and over 4% 32% 22% 21% 21% A special mention to CSF’s first point of contact - our receptionists - who rose to the challenge of the interim meal arrangements (and a busier than ever front of house). A special thank you to CSF volunteers on Tuesday and Thursday afternoons who gave out sandwiches, yoghurts, drinks and fruit to the many people queuing up at the counter and out the door on some days. 16 In response to the increased requests for help from people struggling to make ends meet in Frankston, CSF significantly increased its amount of perishable food being available so there needed to be a recruitment of specific food program volunteers to assist. We acknowledge and thank those who have assisted with bread and bakery item pick-ups, now operating 5 days per week. We are also appreciative of the fact that while we have specific volunteer roles (i.e. admin, reception, food, and interviewers) it’s the extra team effort of everyone being prepared to roll up their sleeves and help out where it’s been needed. It’s the strong culture built on mutual respect, community spirit and a sense of service to others that binds us together and what we look for when recruiting new people to the CSF team. CSF has also added new faces to our administration team that came on board continuing the existing work of data entry of the statistics and filing that is needed to keep CSF going. But there was the one task that had been left dormant which was to update and format the procedures used by reception, interviewers, administration and operations. We were lucky to find Glenda Girvan who continues to coordinate this project and has been instrumental in organising the manuals and supporting the Operations team. Why CSF continues to grow is the dedication and commitment of our volunteers in their desire to make a difference to others. They turn up to their shifts with enthusiasm and work as a team for the best outcome for the client. 76% of new recruitments during the reporting period have remained with us. Out of those who are no longer with us, finding employment and family commitments have been the primary reasons for our volunteer departures. A lack of time is often cited as one of the reasons people are not able to volunteer yet we are extremely fortunate at CSF that so many of our volunteers do give extra of themselves. There is a wonderful supportive culture in which the volunteers encourage and mentor each other. Many are involved in special projects on weekends and come along to events held on days they are not rostered. The measure of a commun 䁥́܁Ёɕ́́ЁձɅ