CSF Annual Report 2017 CSF Annual Report - 24.10.17 FINAL - Page 14

Recognition of Service IMPACT Volunteer of the Year Volunteer Service With a record number of new volunteers joining the CSF team over the reporting period we have also said farewell to some special people that have both retired and taken a leave of absence. Included in the ranks are interviewer and Life Member Judy Caraher, admin and reception guru Louise Wilkinson, admin veteran John Thompson and Interviewers Val Donald and Val Hassett. Congratulations to volunteer Joshua Hamilton for being named the winner of Frankston’s ‘Young Volunteer of the year’ at the Mayor’s picnic event in September 2016. This recognition of service came on the back of Josh’s various roles at CSF, commencing in an admin role and later becoming part of the reception, food program and interviewing teams at CSF. A very vocal contingent of CSF staff and volunteers were at the event to support Josh. TAX Help Retirement After 17 years of service to CSF clients through the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Tax Help program, Albert Chivilo has said farewell to the role. Albert commenced Tax Help volunteering in 2000 and has helped close to 1000 people on a low income to complete their tax return (free of charge). Albert commented that he’s seen many changes to the program over his journey, from paper based returns to the online and myGov system. Albert pictured on the far left. 14 Life Members Pat Arthur* 1982 Gwen Shenton* 1986 Alan Coulson* 1987 Shirley Davies 1990 Dorothy Lynch* 1993 Margaret (Peg) Hess* 1996 Sheina Thompson* 1996 Peter Lewis 1998 Pat Runacres* 1998 Marie Wright 2000 Anja Cadle 2000 Joan Mitchell 2006 John Tame 2006 Terry Mackay 2008 John Murphy 2008 Carole Sweetnam 2009 Vicki Martin 2011 Maureen Macer 2011 Judy Caraher 2012 Susan Grogan 2014 Peter Martin 2015 Stewart Harkness 2015 Mary Ricca 2016 * deceased The measure of a community is how it treats its most vulnerable members