CSF Annual Report 2017 CSF Annual Report - 24.10.17 FINAL - Page 13

Staff MANAGER — Steven Phillips Steve joined the agency as a volunteer in 2005 and the board in 2008. After spending time away with full-time employment commitments he re- commenced at the agency as Manager in May 2014. Steve has a Bachelor of Communications and International Studies, with a background in case- management, youth work and social engagement programs at Chisholm Institute and Monash University. OPERATIONS COORDINATOR — Nancy Jurisic Nancy joined CSF in 2013 and serverd on the board from 2015 until she was appointed as Opperations Coordinator in April 2016. She completed her Dip. of Counselling and is now undertaking a degree in psychology. Nancy is a crisis supporter with Lifeline and has a background in vet nursing. OPERATIONS COORDINATOR — Donna Richardson (Part time) Donna joined CSF as a volunteer in 2010. She has qualifications in Community Services and Training and Assessment. Donna was offered the part-time Operations Coordinator position in 2013. Her background is in business administration and she was a business operator and owner. OPERATIONS COORDINATOR — Annette Newton (Casual) Annette joined CSF as a volunteer in 2011. She has a business background in Human Resource Management, Counselling and Training and Development of staff. More recently she completed Certificate IV courses in Community Services and Training and Assessment. Annette volunteers with the agency as an Interviewer, Mentor, Team Leader and Trainer. Leadership Team CSF’s small team of paid staff are greatly assisted by other members of the Leadership team, including Team leaders Gail Forbes and Ilme Barnes, roster coordinator Bridget Promm and CSF trainers Stewart Harkness and Annette Newton. Community Support Frankston | Annual Report 2017 13