Crown of Beauty Magazine The Brave Issue - Page 54

When we do “Wrapped in Your Arms,” it’s more of a worship song and it really helps me kind of center myself, and really get myself back in the mindset of believing. Because it’s a song about recognizing that God’s always with us and that knowing that God’s with us in this moment and that no matter what we’re facing. And so in that moment on stage, it helps to remind me that God’s with me and it helps me to of get over my fear and just keep moving forward.

Crown of Beauty: What is the main message you want listeners to take away from your latest record Innova?

Dawn: I think with Innova, it’s really a record about renewal and about how God is always doing something new in our lives. At the same token how you know, God is so much bigger than the box that we sometimes put Him in. And it’s just really, I think, with the writing of Innova, during that time it really felt like God was trying to teach me and show me how He is just present in every aspect of our lives. In the hard times, the good times, or when you’re all by yourself, or when you’re at a concert with a ton of people, He is there.God is there and there’s His power of love is like this electric force that really should permeate everything that we do. Whenever we’re just walking down the street, or in the grocery store, the power of God’s love can be moving through us in every aspect, every part of our day! And so that’s really I think what I wanted most people to know is that, God’s not just something that you think about sometimes. Like, He made your brain. I read a book once that said, “God doesn’t want to be number one on your list, He wants to be the paper that your list is written on.” And that really impacted me. I think is one of the common themes is that God’s in every aspect of our lives, no matter what we’re doing, and that if we could appreciate that and start to see Him there, then it would change the way that we think and the way that we live.

Crown of Beauty: How do you overcome stage fright?

Dawn: Stage fright, it can be kind of daunting. I mean, we’ve been doing this like I said, for almost like seventeen years. Now it depends on how many nights a week you’re performing. You know, it definitely (starts to come back) if it’s been awhile then you start to feel that old stage bug on your shoulder!