Crown of Beauty Magazine The Brave Issue - Page 45

1. What word best describes you?

-Peaceful (U)

-Easy going (E)

-Outgoing (B)

-Energetic (B)

-Introvert (S)

-Laid back (H)

2. Which Disney Princess do you most relate to?

-Pocahontas, free spirited and brave (B)

-Belle, intelligent and outspoken (B)

-Mulan, fierce and determined (S)

-Cinderella, humble and hard working (H)

-Ariel, independent and adventurous (U)

-Snow White, quiet and hopeful (E)

3. Which describes how you feel about life right now?

-Some days are better than others (H)

-Each day is a new day to praise the Lord! (H)

-I don't know if I can do this anymore (S)

-I know God will work everything out for me (E)

-Is there really a light at the end of my tunnel? (H)

-I'm trying to hold on to hope (U)

4. What concerns you the most?

-NOTHING! Life's too great to be concerned (U)

-What's NOT to be concerned about? (H)

-My friends can be a handful sometimes (E)

-My family is having a tough time (E)

-My future. What am I even doing with my life? (B)

-When will my Prince Charming get here? (E)

5. I just want to be...

-Stronger (E)

-Loved (H)

-Myself (U)

-Happy (E)

-Confident (B)

-Noticed (S)

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