Crown of Beauty Magazine The Brave Issue - Page 42

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look up to. She's older than me, she has kids and she's always kind of been the source that I go to for wisdom. And if I'm struggling with something, I have gone to her and so I am a huge believer in having some sort of mentor in your life. I've had the chance to be mentors to a lot of younger people than me, but I feel like if I didn't have (her name is Beth), if I didn't have her in my life to just speak over whatever situations and just pray with me, I don't know what I would do, haha! :) I would probably not be in a good place. Haha!

COB: So, because we are Crown of Beauty and we're all about princesses and princess type things, we always ask the people we interview this question: do you have a favorite Disney princess? And why?

Carmen: Oh! Hahaha! :) Oh my goodness...let me think... I would Pocahontas considered a princess? I feel like she was always my favorite. I loved Pocahontas and I loved just the "Colors of the Wind" and all of the songs. I would dress up like her and run around my yard and pretend that I was her. Haha! So, I would say Pocahontas.

COB: Really quick, could you give us a sneak peek as to what you're going to be working on next? Is there anything exciting coming up in the future?

Carmen: There is! I haven't officially announced it but I am going to be releasing a remix of "Flaming Arrows" very shortly. It's really awesome; I got to work with one of my friends, David Thulin, on it and its killer! I just love it :) And then more music is to come this year. I've been writing a lot and so I'm actually working on an EP that I'm releasing later this year, so more music to come and it's just been a very cool and exciting season. To finally just write songs from my heart and just share it with people. It's been awesome! :)